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This is the company you've been looking for. From the first phone call to the final walk-through, Atlantic and Jared made us feel like our job was their most important. These guys embody the kind of customer service and pride in workmanship that your parents' generation used to talk about, but you just don't see very often anymore. My wife and I hired Atlantic to take care of the asbestos in an old home we bought. It was everywhere --hundreds and hundreds of feet of pipe, several rooms of tile, glues around sinks, everywhere. We had big renovations planned, but nothing could start until the asbestos was out. We had scheduled Atlantic to start on the day of the closing, but due to circumstances outside our control, our closing got rescheduled.....4 times. Each and every time, Atlantic Abatement worked with us to adjust their schedule -- making sure that, once we were ready, they could get to work right away. And they did. As soon as we closed, Atlantic showed up WITH A TEAM. They got there early -- 7:00 AM -- and didn't waste time getting started. And then, and I can't stress this enough, they JUST. KEPT. WORKING. They showed up every single day for a week and came on Saturday to finish up. I would say that I was surprised by this level of commitment, but after having worked with Atlantic for a couple of months getting this project scheduled, I came to realize that this is just the way they run their company. The quality of work was top-notch. The job was finished on time, and everything was done ON BUDGET! What more can you ask for? Bottom line is, when you're ready to tackle this kind of job, this is the company you want on your side. Atlantic Abatement won't let you down. Thanks so much, guys, Alex & Emily

Alex Romano

Sought quotes from 6 different abatement companies. Atlantic promptly replied, priced right for the job, and delivered with professionals work on the day planned. The crew and cleanup were great. Now I have a usable basement and backyard


We are pleased with the professional response we got from your company. All questions were answered, the paperwork was on time and of course, the asbestos was removed and disposed of properly. Thank you for your help in this matter Mathew D. Controller RJ Cawley Contracting, Inc

Matthew D

My wife and I recently moved to RI and our home had asbestos-wrapped pipes in the basement. Jared explained to me my options for removal or encapsulating the insulation. We ultimately had everything removed by Atlantic and also had them reinsulate the pipes. Great price. Prompt service. No mess. What more could you ask for? Highly recommend!

Zach G.

I am a realtor for Keller Williams of Newport and I am in the "people business." I deal with contractors, buyers, sellers, and assorted vendors. The front line of any business is of paramount importance. I contacted a few firms that deal with abatement issues. My expectations were exceeded when I literally struck gold with the staff at Atlantic Abatement. They are all true professionals and I would highly recommend them to anyone and intend to do so. Every question I had was answered in a timely fashion and if they said they would do it they did. I would not hesitate to call them. They are the best. Karen

Karen Santos Dill

Thank you, Jared, Atlantic, and your hard-working crew for all you've done for our family. We cannot thank you enough for helping us through our traumatic experience. Between the job itself, the amount of "stuff" we stored in our finished downstairs and garage, the numerous questions, and even the dramatic crying, I know you had your work cut out for you. For anyone who may be reading this, the finished basement in our home was flooded due to a frozen water pipe that burst in the wall on 2/14/16. We found a restoration contractor online which began remediation almost a week later. They cut out sheetrock, removed a linoleum floor, removed carpeting and padding, ran dehumidifiers, and ran industrial blowers for about four days. Fast forward a couple of months later, I called a tile company with some questions because when the linoleum was removed they left the white paper backing because it was stuck to the concrete. In our phone conversation, the tile guy mentioned I should have that paper backing tested for asbestos being that my house was built in the '70s. So we had it tested and a week after we were informed that the linoleum did in fact contain Chrysotile asbestos. This is when the constant anxiety, stress, and worrying began. My home insurance all along was telling us if it was asbestos it would be covered. After a month of back and forth, they said they were NOT covering any of it. This led us to find an attorney that could help us. In the meantime I had three abatement companies come out to estimate the job. Atlantic Abatement was the only one who took seriously every detail that I knew would have to be done (wiping everything, moving everything into a storage unit, and the removal of the paper backing and mastic). It was a big job considering we are a family of four. Our downstairs three rooms consisted of storage, a playroom, a tv/entertainment room, a bathroom, two closets, and a garage which is half storage and half used for our home business. Mind you, that because of the flood, nothing was neatly in its normal place. We had to quickly push everything into the driest part of the basement the night of the flood. Nothing short of what looked like a huge disorganized mess. Atlantic Abatement assured me that they have done this level of work needed before and walked us through step by step what they would do and how they would do it. All along they answered my questions and assured me it would all be ok. Next problem: I have NO money for the abatement. Both my home insurance and the contractor's insurance are both giving me a hard time. It's been five months and I have lost the use of my basement and I can't even get it removed. Imagine the feeling of what you go through knowing this is in your home and no one is helping

Rebecca Coroa

No one wants to read the report that confirms your old flooring contains asbestos. At first, you’re thinking …” I’ll wear a mask – how bad could it be.” But then you realize how really bad it could be … not only for you but for others. Jared at Atlantic Abatement was great. He listened and appreciated that the removal would be holding up our parsonage remodel. Don’t know what strings he pulled, but the crew was there the next week. On one hand, no one wants to pay this cost. But when you see the containment efforts, the care and caution they employ, you realize this would not have been a job for a novice. And at the end of the day, we can say that – Yes, we had the asbestos professionally removed and know the air quality is safe. Nice professional job!

Arlen Dau

I am a new owner of a 3-unit in Providence and before I could get my plumber to do repairs on the plumbing in the basement he told me I had to get the asbestos insulation removed that was wrapped around the pipes. I knew nothing about the regulations or what this would entail. I decided on Atlantic Abatement to do the work and they guided me through the process that leads up to the actual abatement. All the work was completed as promised, on time. Everyone I spoke with and worked with at Atlantic Abatement was exceptionally polite and professional. I can't say enough good things about them. They far exceeded my expectations.

Allen Benson

What Our Clients Are Saying
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Atlantic Abatement
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 86 reviews
 by Ken Nado
Great job done on time

I recently contacted Jared at Atlantic Abatement to look at a job for my rental property. Jared called me back within 10 minutes and was at my property that day to look at the project, he gave me a quote onsite and a date to do the job. The job was completed on time and his crew did an amazing job. I received my final air clearance report the next day. Jared and his crew were awesome. I highly recommend Atlantic Abatement

 by Carlene
Asbestos Removal

I purchased a home with asbestos flooring that was not disclosed. Alexa and Jared addressed the asbestos quickly and efficiently. They were professional and ensured they did everything to make sure I was a satisfied customer. I would highly recommend them

 by Megan Hennigan
Job done well, on budget, & on time

Atlantic Abatement was so helpful! We were installing flooring and the installation team stopped the job upon discovering asbestos. We had a torn up house, building materials everywhere, and a ton of uncertainty. The team at Atlantic Abatement was able to provide an estimate, schedule the removal, and get everything removed and our project back on track. They were very knowledgeable about materials, testing, requirements, and helped me through a process I was very unfamiliar with. The team that did the removal was courteous, clean, & efficient. Despite hearing the dreaded word 'Asbestos' - the Atlantic Abatement team made much easier.

 by James A. Manchester
Asbestos removal

I had Atlantic remove asbestos from my home in Bristol’s historic District. From my initial consultation and estimate with Jared to the work performed by the three man crew headed by Chris, all involved from Atlantic Abatement were punctual, professional, and exceptionally considerate and hardworking. They completed their task in a timely, efficient, and clean manner. I was very impressed and satisfied, and would highly recommend Atlantic Abatement for for your asbestos removal needs.

 by Carley Ferrara

Alexa and Jared were great! They came out the day after I called, and I had all of my asbestos abated within 2 days of the initial call. Not only were they prompt, but they did a great job and left the area immaculate.

 by Justin Jordan
Abatement - Warwick, RI

Jared was an A+ grade person to work with. He helped in all assets of the project in any way he could and he finished his scope of services in a very timely efficient manner. I would suggest using Atlantic Abatement on any and every project.

 by Dave Dugan

Jared was first class all the way. He went out of his way to help us out since we are an out of state contractor.

 by Wayne Brown

I am a General Contractor specializing in insurance repairs. During one of our recent projects we uncovered asbestos tile and adhesive in a basement. We contacted Atlantic Abatement Corp and they quoted us a price within a day. We agreed on it and schedule the remediation. They gave us a date to start and a completion date. They were at the site when they said they would be and finished earlier than they expected. The crew was great. Informative, clean , polite, respectful of my client and her privacy. The did an amazing and clean job. I was very impressed with their service. More importantly , my client was impressed with their service. I have 3 more projects that will need abatement and I now have a more than reliable company to do it. Thank you Atlantic Abatement.

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Edward McGookin

Dear Mr. Brynes:
I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team at Atlantic Abatement for the services you provided in the removal of asbestos roofing tiles from my home. This was a job I had put off for years due to the hassle and expense involved. I made a number of inquiries about pricing and services offered as well as timeliness for completion of the work. Atlantic Abatement offered a competitive price for the proposed work, but in the contrast to my experience with other companies as well as my rights as a residential home owner with asbestos on my property and you were very accommodating in scheduling the work.
I hope I don’t need to take on any other big projects like this in the future, but would very enthusiastically recommend Atlantic Abatement to anyone who needs abatement services in the future.

Beautiful home after removing the absestos
Portsmouth Abbey School Logo

Portsmouth Abbey School

We at the Portsmouth Abbey would like to thank you and commend Atlantic Abatement for a job well done.
Your professionalism and eye for detail was greatly appreciated. Your expedient efforts did not go unnoticed. Your ability to adjust to changes that occur in every project without any addition cost along with your copmpetitive pricing has been instrumental in making this project a success on every level.

We are particularly impressed that you were able to save the trees that abutted the building on all sides as well as the one in the center courtyard during the demolition of the building.

We are looking forward to working with Atlantic in the future.

St. Michaels School

During the summer of 2013, the parish contracted to have a shingle roof replaced. The roof has been in place since 1981. In the process, it appeared that asbestos materials might have been used under the shingles.

We called upon Atlantic Abatement to investigate this further. Atlantic sent workers to the church and did sampling all over the roof area. It was determined that only 16 inches from each lower edge had tar paper/mastic with some asbestos content.

Atlantic Abatement quickly designed an abatement plan and worked closely with the Department of Health and our contractor, to complete the abatement work quickly and efficiently.

It was a pleasure working with Atlantic Abatement during this project. We had not expected to find this problem when we began this project. Atlantic Abatement knew exactly what needed to be done and was extremely professional.


Rev. Richard A. Valentine

St. Michaels School