Alex Romano

This is the company you’ve been looking for. From the first phone call to the final walk-through, Atlantic and Jared made us feel like our job was their most important. These guys embody the kind of customer service and pride in workmanship that your parents’ generation used to talk about, but you just don’t see very often anymore. My wife and I hired Atlantic to take care of the asbestos in an old home we bought. It was everywhere –hundreds and hundreds of feet of pipe, several rooms of tile, glues around sinks, everywhere. We had big renovations planned, but nothing could start until the asbestos was out. We had scheduled Atlantic to start on the day of the closing, but due to circumstances outside our control, our closing got rescheduled…..4 times. Each and every time, Atlantic Abatement worked with us to adjust their schedule — making sure that, once we were ready, they could get to work right away. And they did. As soon as we closed, Atlantic showed up WITH A TEAM. They got there early — 7:00 AM — and didn’t waste time getting started. And then, and I can’t stress this enough, they JUST. KEPT. WORKING. They showed up every single day for a week and came on Saturday to finish up. I would say that I was surprised by this level of commitment, but after having worked with Atlantic for a couple of months getting this project scheduled, I came to realize that this is just the way they run their company. The quality of work was top-notch. The job was finished on time, and everything was done ON BUDGET! What more can you ask for?

Bottom line is, when you’re ready to tackle this kind of job, this is the company you want on your side. Atlantic Abatement won’t let you down.

Thanks so much, guys,

Alex & Emily