When I found out the house I was buying had vermiculite insulation in the attic it really scared me. I was lucky to find Atlantic Abatement when they were recommended to me by contractors I know and respect in the Newport area. Atlantic’s mission statement, which reads, “our mission is to deliver quality work, expertise, and professionalism throughout every facet of our company” is exactly the experience I had with them. Every single person from Atlantic Abatement that I had contact with, either by phone, by e-mail, or in person was helpful, professional, and informative. Before I even hired them, Atlantic generously explained everything I needed to know about vermiculite and ways of paying for the abatement, the procedures, and timetables of the work. Because the property is my residence and not bound by the same regulations as commercial and industrial abatements, I was very concerned about whether the work would be done in the same careful manner and that the same post-abatement tests would be done on the air. Atlantic assured me they would follow all the same procedures. When the work was actually performed, all the gentlemen working were careful, cheerful, and easy to have in my house. Atlantic was always there making sure everything was going well and checking to see if I had any concerns. Afterward, the place was spotless and I was completely impressed and relieved! The other folks at Atlantic, especially Alexa, and Jared Brynes also could not have been more helpful and personable in their approach to my job. This is amazing because Atlantic deals with some of the biggest companies, schools, and municipalities in Rhode Island. Yet, they took the same respectful and complete approach with my little 900 square foot attic as I am sure they take with major jobs. I would recommend them to any homeowner facing the task of getting their house environmentally safer and cleaner. Thanks so much, Atlantic Abatement!!!!