After moving into our 1930’s home, my wife and I wanted to do everything we could to better insulate and tighten up our home to reduce energy and increase our overall comfort level. Unfortunately, as soon as we started the process we found that we had an attic full of vermiculite. Because of this all projects to insulate him were halted until it was remediated.

I contacted Atlantic and began conversing with Alexa about my situation. They were able to get out to the house quickly for an estimate and an overall walkthrough of the process I could expect if I went with them as an abatement company. The estimate was reasonably priced. There were cheaper quotes that we got, but the estimator did not present themselves nearly as professionally or thoroughly as Atlantic.

Once we signed the contract Atlantic was extremely quick in being able to schedule the project and had it complete within the timeframe they gave us. The work was performed will without any cross-contamination of our home during the process. By the end of the last day, I had my air quality results back saying my hazardous condition was completely mitigated.

I would recommend Atlantic to anyone for their quality of work and how quick and efficient they are.