Judith Cutler

I want to take this opportunity to commend Atlantic Abatement for the great job they did on my home. I had some asbestos that needed to be encapsulated, and some to be removed. The two men came at precisely the time promised. They were polite upon entering my house. They did the work promised in less time than I anticipated. They not only cleaned whatever debris the job may have created, but they also cleaned adjoining parts of the basement as well! When they were about to leave, they asked me to check to see if I needed anything else done. Two men who took pride in their work, something we, as consumers, don’t see often enough. I also was very impressed with the people in the office. They returned calls when they promised, explained the procedure, being courteous at all times. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking to have the type of work done that I had, or in any other field of construction which Atlantic Abatement does.