Providence Asbestos Roof Abatement

In early April, Atlantic was contacted by Lowe’s Renovation Department in regards to a roof shingled with asbestos transite material. Their ultimate goal was to have this material abated in order to move forward with the placement of the new and updated asphaltic shingles for both the residence and its associated garage. Atlantic’s management team mobilized to the residence in order to see the full picture of the project and strategically evaluate the best approach for its abatement.

After properly assessing this particular project, Atlantic provided both the homeowner and the general contractor with a quote for the abatement. As soon as we were cleared by both individuals, we immediately moved forward with the scheduling. In this particular case, time was of the essence and required almost immediate mobilization, as soon as the weather allowed for it. Being that this Providence, Rhode Island-based project was a single-family residence, there was no downtime, as no notifications were required (notifications are mandated in Rhode Island for both multifamily (3+) units and all commercial facilities). 

Atlantic sent a full crew to prepare the area, including its attic space with a poly-ceiling containment to ensure no dust or debris were to slip through the roof during abatement. Once the entire area was prepped and secure, our crew, fully donned in personal protective equipment (PPE, including tyvek suits, respirators, harnesses, etc.) moved forward with the careful removal and disposal of the transite shingles from the garage roof. 

Our crew worked in conjunction with the roofer to diligently and efficiently perform the proper abatement of all asbestos-containing roof materials. By setting our crew up with the proper equipment and training, we ensure each project is completed with both safety (following all State and Federal Regulations) and customer satisfaction in mind. For this particular roof abatement, Atlantic’s team was able to complete the work within a time frame of (3) business days. All waste was properly loaded into fiber drums, each lined with 6 mil polyethylene asbestos bags. From this point, the asbestos-containing materials were loaded into Atlantic’s onsite 100-yard asbestos waste trailer until ready for its final transportation to and disposal at the licensed asbestos accepting landfill, Minerva Enterprises, located in Ohio. 

Upon completion of most asbestos abatement projects, Atlantic contracts with a third party industrial hygiene firm to confirm that all work is completed to their satisfaction visually. This hygienist typically also performs what is called an air-clearance to ensure that the air is safe for occupancy. Due to the exterior nature of this project, Atlantic’s personnel wore personal cassettes for the duration of the abatement to ensure no employee or individual in the surrounding area is exposed to an excessive fiber release. These cassettes are brought to a third party industrial hygiene laboratory to confirm the numbers fall below the Permissible Exposure Limit. Homeowners/Building owners are welcome to also hire an industrial hygienist to perform downwind air sampling for extra data on the project, should he or she wish to be extra cautious. 

This successful roof abatement left both the homeowner and general contractor extremely satisfied, complimenting both the quality and expediency of our workmanship. 

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